A design challenge put on by the brand Outdoor Products and the Outdoor product design program at Utah State University.
PROVIDED Design Brief
Outdoor Products Is a bag company that designs and sells bags at a budget friendly cost. Many of their packs can be found at retailers like Walmart. They provided the following brief as part of the design challenge.
"Outdoor Products manufactures quality gear for all facets of an adventurous life. Our packs fit your lifestyle whether you’re heading to the classroom or trekking through the woods. We’ve got a pack designed to satiate your every need for function and comfort while you’re exploring the outdoors. Whatever you do, we help you carry it well. Our products last a lifetime, and we’ll back that up with our Plain + Simple Lifetime Guarantee. "
-Outdoor products Website

Local retailer's hydration pack selection

Insight gathered from interviews and surveys:
"I Never use a hydration pack because they are too small and I can't carry anything when I go hiking. I would like a pack that is light but can still carry my jacket and some snacks."
"I only really use hydration packs when I am on vacation. I generally just buy a new one when I arrive and leave it there to save space in my suitcase."
"Camelbacks are expensive so I just take an old back pack and water bottle when I go hiking. I like to be able to carry more stuff with me."
"I prefer something small and light that I can forget I am wearing."
"I need a hydration pack that is multi-use. I want to be able to use it for more than just a water Blatter."
"I'm a big guy, I can't use these tiny packs or it looks goofy."

Screenshot from their website

I decided to go with bag 3
1: the stuff sack design fills a hole in their product line.
2: It would be the easiest to keep around the Target FOB price.
3: it meets the needs of a large storage space.
4: Is lightweight and can rolled up/compressed for storage.
Prototyping and Development ​​​​​​​
Mid Fidelity Prototype
I went with a ripstop nylon for this bag. I found that the foam mesh on the shoulder straps needed some more reinforcement where the straps attach. In testing I also found that a sternum strap would be very helpful. A heavier material on the bottom panel would help the bag hold its shape better when empty.
High Fidelity Prototype
Volume: 22 liters 
Weight: 10.12 oz (without Bladder)
Blatter pouch
Anti-pickpocket valuables pouch
adjustable sternum Strap
Wide shoulder straps
Unisex fit
Draw string closure
water resistant base
structured foam back panel 
Bladder pouch with Velcro Blatter hanger
Compatible with the Outdoor products Blatter
reinforced light weight shoulder straps & Adjustable Sternum Strap
For added comfort while carrying a load.
Stash Pocket
The Fold out pocket is both convenient and acts as an Anti-pickpocketing device. 
Unisex Fit
Designed to work with a wide range of body types.​​​​​​​
Compact Storage
Rolls or lays flat to fit in a suitcase or larger bag. 
Draw String Closure
simple, straightforward and durable.
Waterproof PVC backed COrdura bottom panel
Added stiffness to help the pack hold its shape. 
Color Variants
Changing just the front panel print color would help cut production time and cost.
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